Learning to put on the wrap looks tedious and complicated but we can assure you that with practice it will become second nature to you. When tying the wrap, it should be tighter than you might expect it should be. The smaller your baby, the higher up on your waist you should begin tying the belt portion.

The higher you criss cross the straps in front will help make it tighter as well.

We know that it can sometimes be a challenge putting on your wrap out in public given its length. When I know I am going somewhere, I often put my wrap on before leaving the house just to make my life a little easier. Of course, this is not always an option. We recommend tying a bow with the two ends of the fabric to make it easier to put on outside of your home, so it doesn't hit the floor.

You can breastfeed while wearing your wrap simply by loosening and pulling down one of the shoulder straps on the side you wish to breastfeed. Of course, it is easiest to do this while wearing an accessible shirt such as a button-down or V-neck that can be pulled down. 

We encourage you to use your wrap for skin-to-skin contact with your newborn to promote bonding and countless health benefits in your little one. Just like it sounds, strip your baby down to just a diaper and wear your wrap up against your skin. Not only will this help with your breast milk production, it will stimulate baby to want to feed and grow as well as reduce problems like hypoglycemia, hypothermia, and respiratory distress.