Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is ACK?

   ACK is the official airport code for Nantucket, Massachusetts where the idea for this business derived. For our purposes, it is pronounced "ack". The style inspiration for the ACK Wrap comes from the preppy look that islanders favor

2. Is shipping and tax included?

   2-3 Day Priority Shipping is included in the price for customers within the United States. Tax will only be added in the states of Texas and Massachusetts.

3. How do I clean my ACK Wrap?

   We recommend hand washing the wraps in cold water with your favorite baby detergent. You may tumble dry on low. For best results, lay flat to dry to reduce curling of the edges. The wrap should get softer and softer with each wash. 

4. Are there different sizes?

   The ACK Wrap is one size fits most. For smaller waist sizes, the wearer has the option of wrapping the ends around the waist an additional time. Our patent-pending design has a longer taper than most wraps which cuts down on excess bulk around the midsection even if tied around the waist twice. 

5. How long can I use my ACK Wrap?

   If your baby is under 8 pounds, we recommend only using the wrap for bonding purposes such as skin-to-skin and not so much for everyday walking around use. You should check with your pediatrician before doing so. After that, as long as you follow the safety guidelines, go by your comfort and baby's preference. The maximum weight capacity is about 25 pounds given the lightweight, stretchy nature of the wrap. 

6. What does each ACK Wrap come with?

     Our wraps all come with a drawstring bag for easy storage in between uses as well as an instructional pamphlet on the two most common ways to wear your baby.

7. What are the dimensions of the ACK Wrap?

     The ACK Wrap is approximately 15.5 feet long. (Currently the pink and white stripe organic cotton ACK Wrap is approximately 17' long).

8. Can I use my ACK Wrap for back carrying or facing baby forward?

     Being in the genre of stretchy wraps, we do not recommend using the ACK Wrap for back carrying or facing baby forward. There is a lot of debate on the safety of wearing babies forward-facing in general and we do not suggest it for that kind of use.

9. Are ACK Wraps safety tested?

     Yes. Our wraps have passed third party ASTM physical testing standards. We are currently CPSIA compliant.

10. Why are ACK Wraps different?

   The ACK Wrap is different from others on the market as we combine the practicality of a traditional baby wrap carrier with comfort and style. Our fabrics are supremely soft and lightweight with a touch of stretch, created custom for us by an American mill. This reduces excess heat which is a common problem among other popular wraps. We have Modal and Supima Cotton blends, as well as a 100% Organic, US Grown Cotton option. Our signature wood button serves to mark the middle of each wrap but also adds an extra design element unique to our products. We currently have three patents pending.


NOT SO Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if I want to return my wrap?

   If you are unhappy with your wrap, please let us know within 30 days of purchase by emailing We will then issue you a return label for your original shipping box as well as a refund. If you have an aesthetic issue with our wrap, please let us know and we will be happy to replace it. Unfortunately International Orders cannot be returned or refunded.