Are We Allowed to be Vulnerable?

     I am a very private person. Call me introverted, call me guarded, whatever. Some might say I have RBF (Resting Bitch Face) but anyone who knows me knows I only WISH I could be a bitch but have never been very successful. I am not one to shout to the world that I'm having a hard time or ask for prayers on Facebook (not saying there's anything wrong with that, it's just not my thing). But in a moment of vulnerability, I recently posted on our Instagram page that I was having a rough week. Work has been INSANE, Matthew is in a three month long class that is three days a week in addition to his regular 24 hour shift every third day, Maddy isn't sleeping well and now has bilateral ear infections, we're potty training Charley and she is exceptionally sassy these days, we're trying to run a business, doing construction on the house, blah blah blah. The purpose of my post was that sometimes I just need to stop and put things in perspective. This time is so fleeting that I will look back and miss these crazy days of sleep deprivation and spit up, and toddler poop on my deck. 

     Not even five minutes after I posted, someone commented "You have two children and jobs to afford home renovations, doesn't sound like such a rough week. All about perspective." Well hold on. Was I complaining about my life? No. It was a moment of venting where I was reminding myself and others what is important. These other miscellaneous stressors don't really matter. The purpose of the post was that it is all about perspective! I was disheartened by this judgment. Are we as mothers not allowed to be vulnerable for one minute? Are we able to have a bad day or week and just own it? I was trying to portray my reality, my truth, and this negativity was brought into it like I somehow don't appreciate my life.

    I do realize maybe I'm emotionally reacting to this as a result of my aforementioned "tough week." I need thicker skin, but I'm hoping this person realizes their comment was unwarranted and potentially hurtful. Once again, I am saddened by women tearing other women down and mom judgment. We're not all perfect, despite what may be depicted on social media. I would rather be authentic any day of the week than to portray some unrealistic avatar. I love my life and wouldn't change a single thing. I am very grateful for my family, our health, and our blessings. I am always hesitant to even use the word "blessed" because in my mind that implies that people who don't have these things aren't blessed. I'm pretty sure even Kate Middleton occasionally has a bad day though, and I certainly wouldn't judge her for admitting it.