What's In My Hospital Bag

    I'm coming up on 35 weeks so I decided it was a good time to pack up my hospital bag. Second time around, I have a pretty good idea of what I actually need while in the hospital. To me, less is more. I have patients move in with three suitcases for a two day stay. Whatever works for you and makes you feel more comfortable for the labor process! This is just what works for me and why. 

  • Nursing bras and/or shirts. I am bringing one bra and two nursing shirts. I am also bringing a few nursing pads for when my milk comes in which I will probably just use on my day of discharge from the hospital. 
  • PJs and Bathrobe. I plan on being as comfortable as possible during my stay. After labor, and getting up for the first time to pee, I'll swap out the hospital gown for my PJs and robe.
  • Sound machine. This is both for me and baby. I sleep with a fan at home and babies find too much quiet disconcerting.
  • Toiletries. Just the basics.
  • Flip flops for when I want to ditch the hospital socks and not walk on bare hospital floor. 
  • Light blankets and swaddles, and a Woombie swaddler. My first daughter was a ninja from the beginning getting out of her swaddles so I quickly found the ones that velcro or zip are the best, fool-proof option.
  • Clothes for baby. Nothing crazy, just a few cozy outfits that are easy to get off and on for lots of skin to skin. I have one pair of mittens since their fingernails tend to be long and sharp from the beginning.
  • Boppy Pillow for nursing.
  • My own pillow from home with a colorful pillowcase so I don't forget it.
  • Diapers and wipes
  • Outfit for going home (me). 
  • Miscellaneous items like a phone charger, camera, iPad and carseat I'll wait to pack up later, but I have this list of what to grab on the fridge just incase. 


Things you do not see on my list that you may have thought I forgot are underwear, pads, lots of diapers. The hospital supplies all of these items and I will be wearing the lovely hospital granny panties for at least a week after delivery. They will supply all the pads I need until I leave the hospital. For diapers, I actually prefer the Pampers Swaddlers (hospital supplied) for the first few days because they have the wetness indicator for when you are trying to keep track of baby's wet and dirty diapers. Then I'll switch to my Honest Diapers once I know her weight loss is okay and my milk is in.


Let the countdown begin!! #onemonthleft