5 More Things I Said I Would Never Do

     In case you missed the previous post on this topic, check it out here. These are some more things I said or thought I would never do, until the reality of parenthood set in...

1. Refer to my child's age in months

     We are all aware it is an ongoing joke. "Little Timmy is 49 months old." It is ridiculous after the age of 3 to refer to a child's age in months. However, before that time I'm voting it's okay. There are huge developmental milestones between 12 months and 24 months so you can't just say "she's one" if she's really 15 months. So while I always laughed at people who did this, I now proudly say my daughter is 19 months old.

2. Leave my child in the car

     I'm cringing as I'm writing this thinking of the potential hate mail and ACK Wrap boycotters that may be in my future but just hear me out. Picture you have a sleeping toddler in the back who has up until this moment screamed her head off because she hates being in the car so much. But you HAVE to run into the post office (not to wait in line) but just to drop off some pre-labeled packages for a total of 33 seconds. Do you wake her up? HELL NO! I have a keyless car so I am able to leave it running and lock it while I run in and the car is always in my view. So while I used to wake my precious newborn for every quick jaunt into the post office, I have to admit I gladly leave her behind now in effort to keep the peace.

3. Get really excited about the dumbest stuff

     "They have Diaper Genie refills at Costco!" was an actual text I once sent to my husband. Yes, I actually took the time to type that in my phone, most likely fighting the Auto-Correct and topping it off with an exclamation point.

4. Become a hermit because of my kid

     I'm a homebody as it is, but having a child has exponentially made it worse. My husband and I atypical schedules so it is rare to both have a day/night off totally free of obligation all together as a family. It is important for us to spend that time together and while I miss my friends and my social life, my daughter is pretty much the most fun person to hang out with I know.

5. Buy only stuff for my child and not myself

    I am one of those people that gets a big time dopamine release from shopping. While I don't consider myself particularly materialistic, I have to admit a new pair of shoes or outfit makes me very happy. I was told my shopping addiction for myself would transfer into buying stuff for my babies, but didn't really believe it. Sadly, as I recently checked out at Nordstrom with a pile of adorable baby girl clothes and nothing for myself, I realized I had once again fallen victim to a shopping-hijacking situation with no one to blame but myself. Admittedly, it has gotten worse now knowing I'm having another girl... The clothes will be used twice the amount so it's a good investment, right?