One Year Reflection and Thank You!

    It was exactly one year ago after watching yet another recorded episode of Shark Tank that my husband Matthew pulled out a notepad and pen and said, “Okay, how can we make this baby wrap business happen.” Wherever I went with Charley, I carried her in my handmade wrap and was stopped without fail by people asking where they could find one. Now as you may know, I’m a Registered Nurse… My husband is a firefighter. We have absolutely no business experience. We didn’t know what we were doing. We just knew we wanted to spread the good word of baby wearing to a broader audience and hopefully make a little money to support me staying at home with my baby more often. I knew I always wanted to work in Labor & Delivery at least part time.

    One year later as I look at my daunting to-do list for ACK Wrap and feel a surge of overwhelming angst, I also have to look back at what we’ve accomplished so far. I am pretty proud of the niche product and company we've created from scratch. As much as we want to create a baby wrap empire, I always want to maintain a personal connection with my customers. Anybody who knows me well knows I have a hard time charging people, as silly as that sounds. But at the same time we are a business that needs to sustain itself so it is a necessity. We are by no means money hungry business people; we genuinely want to see moms, dads, and caregivers LOVE their ACK Wrap. My co-workers can attest that I am so excited when I bring my donations in for the NICU. I love seeing pictures and hearing feedback how much people love their wraps more than anything else in this whole crazy endeavor. 

    So while we try not to brag too much, know that your purchases really are going to a great cause. We have gotten great feedback from our NICU families. We have donated to WIC of Austin and are in the process of donating to WIC of Jackson, TN for breastfeeding support. We are so appreciative of your continued support and can't thank you enough for helping us spread the good word. We are very open to feedback (in fact we greatly encourage it!), good or bad. Keep sending us your pictures, your critiques, your ideas; we want to see and hear it all! Thank YOU, and Happy Babywearing.