One thing that I am confident any mom can agree is that there is just not enough time in the day. We work, we cook, we change diapers, we entertain, we clean, we feed, and if we can squeeze in a workout then it is a good day. This is a constant struggle for me as I try to balance everything while still being present for my daughter. I have found that if I don't make this time for myself to at least sweat a little, I lose my patience easily and I just feel worse overall which I know trickles into my interaction as a mother. Lately, I've been doing workouts whenever and however I can, often using Charley as my 25 pound barbell. She's not always eager to be used as my exercise prop, unfortunately.

     Luckily, I have found the perfect solution: combining a play date with a workout with Stroller Boot Camp!! I wish I had come up with this myself. Enter Kathleen Uhran: a Fitness and Lifestyle Coach who recently moved from Texas to Nantucket. Obviously there was an instant connection when we crossed paths a couple of months ago at the first stroller boot camp I attended. An hour flew by as we lunged, jogged, and crunched all while chatting and playing with our babies overlooking Children's Beach and Nantucket Harbor. There really couldn't be a better scenario. Both to my surprise and delight, I was sore for days! It was a really good workout and a great time. I went again several times and was NOT disappointed. I hope to go every Saturday I can while I'm here. Kathleen is the picture of health so she is a great motivator.

     I have come to appreciate the emphasis on moms being active while engaging their babies, such as stroller boot camp. There are lots of YouTube videos of postpartum workouts that incorporate the baby into the exercises which is awesome. One of our affiliates in California, Baby Bump Ballet, has Babywearing Barre classes!! I am dying to try this and I know my daughter would get a kick out of it.

     In short, moms in Nantucket should make their way down to Children's Beach Saturdays at 9:00! Check out Kathleen's Website for more information on her brand and business at I would also love to hear more ideas of how to engage our little ones in our own efforts to stay active and healthy. In turn, I believe we can be better moms while setting a good and healthy example.