5 Things I Said I Would Never Do Before Becoming a Parent

     It's easy to say "I'll never be like that" before becoming a parent. We learn by observation so it is only natural to view other parenting techniques and pick and choose what works best for your family. Having said that, there are a few things that I now eat my words for having said "I will NEVER do that when I'm a mom!"

1. Let the baby's schedule dictate everything.

     I always chuckle internally when my patients (first-time parents) say their baby is just going to fit into their lives and they don't plan on really changing many aspects. Hmm... maybe you should've started with a hamster because having a baby is pretty much the most drastic life change there is. However, before I became a mom, I said I would never be one of those annoying people with a super rigid schedule. Sure, I wanted to have her on somewhat of a schedule, but I wouldn't let it rule our lives. Realistically, her schedule pretty much dictates everything. Once the realization hits that NOT having a schedule makes life a living hell (i.e. cranky baby, poor sleep habits, etc.) you understand that the schedule is pretty key to a happy baby.

2. Have a thousand toys... everywhere.

     I always thought it was so ridiculous for a child to have so many toys. Do they really need all that to be entertained? Well, in short, yes. When you try to entertain a single toddler for hours on end day after day, you quickly accumulate an assortment fit for a large daycare center. What's even more fun is not having a designated "play room" which just means there are toys everywhere.


3. Use annoying mom lingo.

     I recently caught myself saying "Good choice!"... Enough said.

4. Use the TV to get a break.

     There is a lot of mixed research on the detriments of "screen time" so it freaks a lot of people out. I always said I would never be one of those parents who plopped their kid in front of the TV. Okay, I haven't become 'that' parent but I do admit to the occasional Baby Einstein or nursery rhyme You Tube channel just to get a few minutes to clean or make dinner. It's educational, right?

5. Post primarily pictures of my baby.

     Okay, I never outwardly said I would never do this, but it is kind of annoying before you have babies of your own when people post a million pictures of their kids. I just always assumed I wouldn't follow suit. But alas, with each insanely cute, brilliant, or hilarious moment, it only seems right to share with your 900 closest friends and family, right?